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hello everyone out there. tiz i, here to make my weekly report to livejournal. this past week was my first full week of class. it actually went by pretty quickly. not to shabby. well anyway... getting to the good stuff... last night i slept with two chicks. i am the fuckin man i know. actually nothing happened. i slept over my friend jessy and marissa's room. they have replaced ashley and that other person i hung out with this past summer a lot. just kidding... kind of. i am still enjoying school and my new friends here. This one frat zbt has recruited my roomate dru and i hardcore this past week. i am still not sure if i will join, but it seems as if they really want me. i found out i am one of the few people they actually called back to go to their parties. i feel wanted for once and it is a fuckin sweet feeling. yeah, ever since i got here i swear a whole shitload more than i used too. i have been downloading and listening to very ungregg-like music ever since i've gotten here as well. my musical diet consists of mozart (yeah, u heard me... mozart!)and creedence clearwater revival, with a little system, rage, and weezer on the side. in fact, i am listening to creedence as we speak. they are the fuckin bomb yo. THE FUCKIN BOMB! WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO. i found out my friend jen's boyfriend goes to american u. she is going to dc this weekend to visit him. small world ain't it? i miss u guys a whole fuckin shitload! write me back and stuff dudes. peace i'm outta here.
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