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A Man who won't let himself be's Journal
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Below are the 11 most recent journal entries recorded in A Man who won't let himself be's LiveJournal:

Tuesday, December 2nd, 2003
2:50 am
everything was going fine with nikki and i. today we did all the cute girly couple things cause we havent seen each other for almost a week. all of a sudden a few hours ago she ims me and tells me that she wants a "break." she gives me no reason except that she feels "trapt and confused."

i talked to her a little while ago and she says that she doesnt want to lose me but she wants a break. i told her that this was bullshit and that a break is obsurd. we havent officially broken up yet, but things are looking bleak.

Current Mood: crappy
Saturday, August 23rd, 2003
12:49 pm
Friday, July 25th, 2003
9:23 am
happy b-day
Monday, July 14th, 2003
9:37 pm
please call me. You still mean the world.
Saturday, December 7th, 2002
2:46 am
how is wverupne doing

Current Mood: drunk
Sunday, November 10th, 2002
12:45 am
bad news
today my friend mike died of heart failure on the football field. he was accidentally hit in a flag football game by my friend matt. we didnt know he had a heart condition. i did not go to the game, but my best friends here witnessed him getting up after he was hit, playing one more down, then his eyes rolling up into the back of his head and he dropped dead. its not fair that someone so young has to leave us like that. the last time i saw him was two nights ago at dinner. we talked for over an hour about the good things in life (women and music lol). my friends justin, jeremy, and jeff are total wrecks. they were especially close to mike. life isnt fair.

it seems that someone is playing a cruel joke on me. just after i get over mono, my dads office burning to the ground, a bad breakup and the (almost) total destruction of a friendship, this shit happens. i dont know what other way to vent right now except to write. i have never lost someone in this fashion before. corinne is still here. i feel really sorry that she is here to see this.

this is supposed to be the time of my life and this fucking shit happens!!!!!!! Mike was one of the coolest kids i have ever met. he could start a convo with anyone he met. i never met anyone who hated him. why are the good people takin off the earth?


Current Mood: sad
Tuesday, October 1st, 2002
7:29 pm
It's 100% official now, I am cursed
the only true answer to all this shit that has been happening to me lately is that i am cursed. ever since mid august, my life has taken the biggest dives it has ever taken before. broke up with my girlfriend, college (best and worst thing that has ever happened in my life), haven't seen the vast majority of my best friends for over a month now, got mono, and now, to top everything off, my dad's office is burning to the ground as i speak! yeah that's right, you heard me, BURNIN TO THE FUCKIN GROUND!!!!!!!!!! the plaza building on plaza rd and fair lawn ave, is totally on fire and they have been trying to put it out for hours now.

i have no idea what this means for my dad and my family, he makes a good 99% of our family income. this is not good. the fire started around 4 this afternoon and as of right now 7:36, it is still burning out of the fire depts control. my brother just walked in the house a second ago and told me that it is still out of control. sigh.

what is going to happen next in the saga that is my life? right now i wish i could write the scrpit and then it would end happily ever after... but i am not. instead an astroid will most likely fall on my head, but of course not killing me instantly, instead making me bleed to death while watching the tv show "friends". that would just about be the worst death i can think of. i have hit a new low. everyone feel sorry for me right abouttttttttttt... now! lol. just kidding, even though all this shit is really going down right now. i will bounce back, i always do.

one month from now, i will have no more mono, a girlfriend,
back at school (having the time of my life), and my dad will still have his job and even more clients than before and we will be stinkin rich... to be continued...

Current Mood: depressed
Thursday, September 26th, 2002
7:31 pm
this isn't really news or anything, but i have just heard nirvana's brand new single, yes, u heard me, their brand NEW SINGLE! 8.5 years after kurt cobain died, they r still producing revenue for geffen records with new music. nirvana follows in the footsteps of tupac and notorious BIG as great musicians to release songs after they r dead. i just downloaded "You Know You're Right" it is such a fuckin sweet song.

Current Mood: thirsty
Thursday, September 19th, 2002
4:57 pm
"I know I was born and I know that I'll die, in between is mine... I am mine."
This quote might not sound that good to everyone out there reading this entry in my journal, but nothing describes how i live life since i got to rider more than this quote. my new philosophy on life. i dont want to bore everyone as to y it is my new philosophy, but ed vedder is the man. corinne, don't say anything, u r stupid. lol.

anyway, to the interesting stuff. i lost my virginity on saturday night in case u guys didn't know. first guy on my floor to have sex since we all arrived at rider. i win. but in any case, i think it would have been better with a girlfriend so it didn't feel so odd afterword. it wasn't just a random girl i did it with if u guys r thinking that, it was with my friend lindsay. also just in case u r wondering, we r not a couple, in fact she just recently started seeing my friend justin across the hall. i am happy for the both of them. she really wasn't my type... a cheerleader.

anyway, the biggest stretch of gregg type music cd's are coming out soon and i can't wait. pearl jam, audioslave, foo fighters, and NIRVANA's greatest hits are all coming out on cd within the next 4 months!!! this is the biggest stretch of gregg type music to come out on cd since the all-mighty grundge era! this month alone i have already gotten 22 new cd's! music... gotta love it. in fact, i am burning the Doors' self titled album right now. snoogins (word of the century).

... and to a certain A*Y, (no one will ever break this code) i have hardly heard from u and invierno since my tenure began at rider. and to everyone else, write, call, im, do what u have to do to contact me. i miss all of u.

ps. whoever reads this is stupid. even if corinne doesn't read this, she still is stupid! lol. just joshin, i love u in the worst way corinne. i want to eat your children. snoogins. bye

Current Mood: calm
Monday, September 16th, 2002
7:00 pm
I am loving almost every second of college still. however, these past few days, i've really starting to get homesick. i miss my bed, i miss clean toilets, i miss my dog, i miss u guys (even though u r all gone (except for paul, e-cho, and dante), i miss air conditioning,but i miss being alone most of all. not that i am anti-social, believe me, i ain't over here. however there are times when i desire peace and quiet and i never get it. there is always someone knocking on my door. it used to be fun, but now it is annoying most of the time. damn, i hate being popular. lol. sorry i am complaining so much, but i just felt like venting... and procrastinating (damn i hope i spelled that right). download the song pearl jam - the color red. it is such an odd song, but good. i feel stoned everytime i hear it. those were the days... speaking of pearl jam, their new song is on the radio now. it is very good. it's no "do the evolution," but it'll do. last night i spent two fucking hours trying to fix my printer and i had early classes today. it sucked donkey balls (my new favorite phrase in case u haven't noticed while chatting to me online). i was up until about 2 fuckin 30. FUCK FUCK FUCK! i would collapse right now on my bed, but there are 4389239532902390659023094298279823905698 people in my room! GO THE FUCK AWAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

i hate eagles fans! they r everywhere here and i hate them man i hate them. damn i hate them. i loathe eagles fans. they suck donkey balls. they r playing on monday night football tonight and i will root against them, even though i hate the redskins (their opponent) just as much, just to piss the hell out of them. i haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaate the eagles. shtupid mongorians!

ah, that venting made me feel a little better.
so everyone comment or call and make me feel like an important part of your lives. by the way. i will be home friday night. i'll give e-cho y the vish a call. peace i'm outta hereeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!

Current Mood: exhausted
Friday, September 13th, 2002
2:28 pm
hello everyone out there. tiz i, here to make my weekly report to livejournal. this past week was my first full week of class. it actually went by pretty quickly. not to shabby. well anyway... getting to the good stuff... last night i slept with two chicks. i am the fuckin man i know. actually nothing happened. i slept over my friend jessy and marissa's room. they have replaced ashley and that other person i hung out with this past summer a lot. just kidding... kind of. i am still enjoying school and my new friends here. This one frat zbt has recruited my roomate dru and i hardcore this past week. i am still not sure if i will join, but it seems as if they really want me. i found out i am one of the few people they actually called back to go to their parties. i feel wanted for once and it is a fuckin sweet feeling. yeah, ever since i got here i swear a whole shitload more than i used too. i have been downloading and listening to very ungregg-like music ever since i've gotten here as well. my musical diet consists of mozart (yeah, u heard me... mozart!)and creedence clearwater revival, with a little system, rage, and weezer on the side. in fact, i am listening to creedence as we speak. they are the fuckin bomb yo. THE FUCKIN BOMB! WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO. i found out my friend jen's boyfriend goes to american u. she is going to dc this weekend to visit him. small world ain't it? i miss u guys a whole fuckin shitload! write me back and stuff dudes. peace i'm outta here.

Current Mood: drained
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