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It's 100% official now, I am cursed

the only true answer to all this shit that has been happening to me lately is that i am cursed. ever since mid august, my life has taken the biggest dives it has ever taken before. broke up with my girlfriend, college (best and worst thing that has ever happened in my life), haven't seen the vast majority of my best friends for over a month now, got mono, and now, to top everything off, my dad's office is burning to the ground as i speak! yeah that's right, you heard me, BURNIN TO THE FUCKIN GROUND!!!!!!!!!! the plaza building on plaza rd and fair lawn ave, is totally on fire and they have been trying to put it out for hours now.

i have no idea what this means for my dad and my family, he makes a good 99% of our family income. this is not good. the fire started around 4 this afternoon and as of right now 7:36, it is still burning out of the fire depts control. my brother just walked in the house a second ago and told me that it is still out of control. sigh.

what is going to happen next in the saga that is my life? right now i wish i could write the scrpit and then it would end happily ever after... but i am not. instead an astroid will most likely fall on my head, but of course not killing me instantly, instead making me bleed to death while watching the tv show "friends". that would just about be the worst death i can think of. i have hit a new low. everyone feel sorry for me right abouttttttttttt... now! lol. just kidding, even though all this shit is really going down right now. i will bounce back, i always do.

one month from now, i will have no more mono, a girlfriend,
back at school (having the time of my life), and my dad will still have his job and even more clients than before and we will be stinkin rich... to be continued...
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