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"I know I was born and I know that I'll die, in between is mine... I am mine."

This quote might not sound that good to everyone out there reading this entry in my journal, but nothing describes how i live life since i got to rider more than this quote. my new philosophy on life. i dont want to bore everyone as to y it is my new philosophy, but ed vedder is the man. corinne, don't say anything, u r stupid. lol.

anyway, to the interesting stuff. i lost my virginity on saturday night in case u guys didn't know. first guy on my floor to have sex since we all arrived at rider. i win. but in any case, i think it would have been better with a girlfriend so it didn't feel so odd afterword. it wasn't just a random girl i did it with if u guys r thinking that, it was with my friend lindsay. also just in case u r wondering, we r not a couple, in fact she just recently started seeing my friend justin across the hall. i am happy for the both of them. she really wasn't my type... a cheerleader.

anyway, the biggest stretch of gregg type music cd's are coming out soon and i can't wait. pearl jam, audioslave, foo fighters, and NIRVANA's greatest hits are all coming out on cd within the next 4 months!!! this is the biggest stretch of gregg type music to come out on cd since the all-mighty grundge era! this month alone i have already gotten 22 new cd's! music... gotta love it. in fact, i am burning the Doors' self titled album right now. snoogins (word of the century).

... and to a certain A*Y, (no one will ever break this code) i have hardly heard from u and invierno since my tenure began at rider. and to everyone else, write, call, im, do what u have to do to contact me. i miss all of u.

ps. whoever reads this is stupid. even if corinne doesn't read this, she still is stupid! lol. just joshin, i love u in the worst way corinne. i want to eat your children. snoogins. bye
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